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1981 RM125x FOR SALE

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I have many new and used parts for the suzuki RM 125 X Z and D 81 82 & 83 model years.

Below are a few examples of RM125 X Z and D that I have restored over the last couple of years.

I am able to ship parts and complete bikes world wide. Just e mail your request and I will offer a quotation on shipping. All bikes will be shipped in a solid purpose made export crate and packed to international standards.

RM125z sold April 2009


1981 RM125x restored and sold March 2009


1983 RM125D restored and sold February 2009.

rm125 1983
rm125 1983 rea view
RM 125 D 83 rear
RM125d engine
RM 1983

NOS genuine suzuki parts
Centre crank cases, complete crankshaft, cylinder, clutch case, magneto cover,
main bearings, seals, little end, piston. Brand new nos reeds & block complete. All new old stock genuine suzuki parts. Brand new kickstart.
Too many to list individually in the engine. This is a virtually new engine.
Nearly new clutch basket (not notched) new suzuki clutch plates.
All new bearings throughout gearbox and clutch. Mint electrics.
Nos airbox covers, new air filters.
New wheel bearings, new footpeg springs.
All parts boxes and bags come with the bike as proof.

Fully stripped forks, rebuilt with new bushes and seals.

Fully stripped and rebuilt shock including new seal head, no rust on shaft. new oil and ntrogen charge.

All rear suspension bearings and swing arm bearings replaced.

Mint radiator flushed and completely clear, nos genuine rad grill/guard. nos rad cap. nos rubber mounts.
All new genuine cables, new genuine Suzuki throttle, new front and rear brake shoes, new chain, new genuine suzuki sprockets, new chain buffers. New levers. New rear tyre.

New nos genuine plastics, new seat cover,mint and firm seat foam, new rear mudguard and rubber flap that protect the shock.
Mint hardly marked at all swing arm with full floater still anodized on from factory. There is still the original frame number sticker on the downtube aswell as the stamped number on the headstock.
Mint frame, no welding or repaired cracks etc.

All rubber grommets, caps and covers replaced with genuine. No stripped threads anywhere.
Many more nos genuine parts, too many to list.
Bike comes with genuine suzuki manual and all parts bags and boxes and photo copies of reciepts.

A very very nice bike with a virtually new motor.

A 1981 RM125x fully restored in October 2008. Sold


A 1981 RM125x restored to its former glory August 2008. Sold.


1983 RM125D restored and sold April 2008


A 1982 RM125 z model restored and ready to race.
Many new engine parts and still only on 0.25 over bore. Sold March 2008.

Listen and see it running on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQcJdp_OqnQ


This is a 1983 RM125D completed and sold Nov 2007.


This is a 1981 RM125x completed and sold June 2007.

RM125x Finished

This is a 1982 RM125 z which I restored and sold late 2006.

RM125z sold April 2007

This is a 1982 RM125z which I restored and sold in April 2007.

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