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1981 RM125x FOR SALE

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Craig and Roger D

Craig Taylor & Roger DeCoster


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If you have a 1981 to 1985 RM125 and would like it restored, I can restore it for you.
Labour is based on 10ph and a typical restoration takes 80 hours.
Parts are supplied as required at extra cost. A quote will always be given first.

RM125x 81

Engine rebuilds

Engines completely stripped, cleaned and assessed for parts required.
Rebuilt to factory specs

from 250.00.


Shocks serviced. Full rebuilds including new seal heads and nitrogen charge.

Full rebuild  175
Recharge   15
Oil change  70

Front fork rebuilds, seal change and bushes replaced from 40

If you have any questions or would like a quotation for any work just e-mail me enquiries@suzuki-rm125.com

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