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1981 RM125x FOR SALE

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Here is me, my name is John . Just finished my first race in over 12 years at the Ribchester bake & bite round 2 in the evo class 6 May 2007.
Fantastic feeling to be back on the bikes I love.


My First Suzuki and bike.


My Third Suzuki RM and bike.


This was my second bike.


My Fourth Suzuki RM and bike.

After this 86 RM 250 G I switched to those red things, only because I wanted a 500 and Suzuki no longer made one.

Polesworth 29 July 2007_0004

My fifth and current Suzuki. 21 years after my last one.
My 1981 RM125x race bike.


Way back when ! fettling my 1981 RM125 x


Just come off the finish line at Polesworth 29 July 2007.
A little bit goosed. LOL.

My RM125 x race bike all ready to go for the 2008 season starting 23rd March.

RM125 x race bike

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RM125x race bike

Completely new engine. NOS cases, crankshaft, cylinder, clutch, water pump and electrics. New clutch and magneto cases. The only part that’s not new is the gearbox. Hopefully she wont blow up.

On top of the engine I have brand new NOS suspension front and rear and a new airbox. All finished off with an NOS set of plastics including tank. Basically the bike is about 85% NOS parts. Sweet.

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